Standard Serviced & Sanitised Ashtrays

09052006047 Sealed Powder-Coated Mild Steel Outdoor Ashtray Lid

The unit: Is 750mm in height and is 316mm in diameter with a weight of 95 kg. The unit is available in a variety of colors depending on your preference and d├ęcor.

The lid: Is powder coated in a variety of colors depending on the unit color, it has 21 holes on top and is fitted to the top of the unit with a locking system which makes the unit totally sealed.

The contents: The unit contains an environmentally friendly chemical, which breaks down the cigarette butts and lets off a fragrance.

Corporate & Household Ashtrays

These units are designed the same as the Standard Smart Ash Ashtray, with an A4 insert added to it allowing you to encourage environmentally friendly policies and attitudes towards staff and customers.

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